Big Tech Politics

Big Tech Politics deconstructs and analyzes the political theory of how U.S. Big multi-national corporations operate like they do, how that impacts society, and what can be done to transfer power from billionaire CEOs back to the people. This newsletter also deconstructs Big Tech ties with the US government related to topics like surveillance and defense contracting. Finally, this newsletter also examines Big Tech corruption of the government and NGOs though donations, lobbying, revolving doors, and other mechanisms. Due to the trajectory of my own whistleblower cases, I include personal narratives and thoughts as well.

Who is Ashley Gjøvik?

I'm a published author on international law and diplomacy, public heath, privacy, and human rights. I've conducted research, authored papers, and delivered presentations for human rights and watchdog groups. I've won awards for academic excellence in my studies of legislation, statutory analysis, public health, and property rights. I've led formal corporate efforts in social responsibility for technology and employee civic engagement. Oh yeah, and I did some whistleblowing about Apple. You can learn more about me, my experience with Apple, and read more of my writing at and

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Big Tech Politics is a newsletter where Ashley Gjøvik examines the intersection of Big Tech, international law, political science, & our dystopian future.


Corporate dissident fighting to prevent the dystopian future.